Glass Blowing

Glass blowing pipe

Glass blowing is an incredibly precise art. Through exceptional breath control and fine manipulation skills, it is possible to create beautiful pieces of art and useful household items. Incredible glass bongs and other devices are both visually appealing and practical. Find more information about them at Bongoutlet.

It takes a lot of practice to blow delicate works, though most beginners can start off with simple things such as paperweights and simplified ornaments. Every aspect of glass blowing takes practice. Gathering the glass at the end of your pipe, learning to use the shears and the jacks and understanding the process of curing your glass take time to master.

  • Curing your glass prevents the glass from shattering at a later date. It also prevents the glass from becoming brittle and finalizes the colors if you use them in your project. Glass that is not cured can shatter for no real cause even decades after it has been blown. The blowing of glass is very stressful for the glass at a molecular level. Curing settles those molecules by slowly contracting the glass rather than allowing molten glass to air cool quickly.
  • Spicing up a project with bright colors is possible through the addition of various metals to the glass. These usually come in powder or flake forms that are very heat resistant. Some of these may be toxic if inhaled in large quantities, so always be certain to read your labels if you intend to do glass blowing daily.
  • Adding color to glass is as simple as dipping the gathered molten glass into the powdered tint you’ve chosen and turning it to cover the outside of the glass in the areas you want color. If you desire the entirety of an area to be one shade, that entire area must be covered in powder. Most powder or flake tints will not bleed into the glass without using pliers to pinch the color into the clear areas. If tinting all projects from a single gather the same color, color may be added to the gather if approved for it.
  • Using a blow pipe to gather glass is difficult for many first timers. Not only do you require quick reflexes, but you have to be able to withstand scorching heat! Glass naturally attracts glass and you’ll roll the glass onto the end of the pipe rather like you would if you were creating a snowman from a snowball. Most teachers assist new students with their first gathers to make certain that they get enough glass for the project.